Monday, October 3, 2011

A confidence building weekend!

Thank you all so much for your kind words about me getting accepted into a doctor of physical therapy program. The support from my family, friends and boyfriend has been overwhelming and it means the world to me. Getting into PT school was my biggest goal for 2011.

My next biggest goal for 2011 is finishing IM Cozumel and this weekend I was able to prove to myself that unless drastic measures happen on race day, my booty will be crossing that finish line!

Saturday morning Kate and I ran 18.5 miles and other than slightly sore knees for both of us, we felt really great!

I had planned to do a long swim on Saturday afternoon until I got an email saying that the pool I go to was closed for emergency plumbing issues. After snuggling up on the couch with the pup I got another email saying it was opening in a half an hour. Unfortunately, I had a sleeping dog on my lap and couldn't bear the thought of getting into cold water moving from the couch waking her up.

Sunday was the real confidence booster for me (and I think Kate, too!). Kate and I had signed up for the Southern Maryland Century ride a few weeks ago and it was postponed because of hurricane Irene and rescheduled for yesterday. Since we already shelled out the cash, we did the century ride plus 12 miles to get to a total of 113 (their century was actually 101 miles!) miles.

I had never done a supported ride with rest stops before but it.was.awesome. The first rest stop had egg mcmuffins! Homemade egg mcmuffins! I was not hungry but ate one anyway :)

Kate and I made it a point to not stop for too long at the rest stops so that it would simulate the IM bike ride more (plus is was damn cold standing around). It was certainly nice to be able to refill water, get a snack, and use the bathroom though!

We battled a ton of different elements during this ride, which made it super challenging. First off, it was cold! This is the first ride since last winter where I had to wear my booties and socks under my tri shoes. Also- I forgot gloves! My hands get hot easily so I wasn't in too much pain.

Second- It rained for several minutes on several different occasions. Of course those occasions always happened to be while we were climbing a hill. Way to go, mother nature.

Third and most importantly- It was WINDY. I'm not talking a slight breeze. I am talking cross winds so hard that Kate thought I was drunk because the winds were pushing me all over the road. I did not realize how much the wind would effect me more than others because of my munchin sized stature. I had been playing with the idea of renting Zipp wheels for Cozumel but thought that the wind may be a problem and after yesterday I KNOW those wheels would act as sails and toss me all over the road. I joked to Kate that if you cant find me on the bike course during IM, check the ocean because the wind may have blown me in. I also half-joked about wearing water wings during the bike ride just incase that happens! I don't think the wind will be as bad in Cozumel as it was yesterday but yesterday proved to me that even if the winds are strong, I can handle it. 

Lastly- this course was a bit hilly. It had some gentle rollers, and some flat sections but there were a few monster climbs. I usually was at my easiest gear early on for the big hills because of my compact crank so my legs were burning by the time we got to the tops!

 Despite the conditions being much harder then when Kate and I did 104 miles 2 weeks ago, we both felt stronger this time around and knew how to handle the distance. Our legs were tired from the get go from the 18 miles on Saturday, but we battled through it and the weather to finish 113 miles strong and with smiles.

Phil snapped this picture with his cell phone as Kate and I were finishing. Side note: Phil's back gearing broke 30 miles into the ride and he did the last 70 miles with only 2 gears! ...and he still beat us.

Cozumel, here we come!


  1. Oh, this is sooooo exciting!! Congrats on a KICK ASS workout weekend!! You should be so proud of yourself - you are going to ROCK Cozumel!

  2. Agreed, that wind will be great prep for Cozumel. I'm impressed, I totally wimped out on riding this weekend. I am NOT ready for the cold!

  3. you are killing it, my friend! and it was windy as hell yesterday, stupid fall! i want sunshine and cool temps and NO WIND!

  4. Wow you are gonna be so ready for Cozumel! Nice job over the weekend?

  5. Great weekend! The Century rides are so much fun with all the rest stops and no pressure of a race.

  6. What a great training weekend! Cozumel had better watch out! ;)

  7. What a huge win for the weekend! You are so going to be ready to kick butt in Cozumel!