Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Adventures

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! My weekend was filled with fun and crazy adventures!

On Friday evening Phil and I bought a new car! We both do not drive to work and we needed wanted a vehicle that could handle all of our adventures. The new car is fun and rugged and obviously has a huge roof rack and is able to hold 4 bikes. Phil is the master negotiator so we got out of the dealership pretty late but with a pretty solid deal on the car ;) Go, Phil!

We woke up early on Saturday and headed out for what was supposed to be my first century ride but turned into a whole different adventure.

Right before the half way point I noticed the sky looked rather ominous. As if there may be a thunder storm heading towards us. We pushed forward.

Not even five minutes later it began to rain. Nothing serious but we ducked under a tree to keep dry while meteorologist Phil whipped out his smart phone to look at the Doppler radar of the storm. It began raining a little harder and within minutes there loud thunder booms so close that I got pretty nervous.
a light drizzle
Phil and I decided that standing under a tree during a serious thunder storm was most likely not a smart choice. We began riding (I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me) and then ducked into a random persons car port for shelter where we stood for 45 minutes waiting for the storm to pass.

Once the rain slowed down meteorologist Phil said that the Doppler showed the majority of the storm out of the area and we could push on in the rain. We were already soaked and 45 miles from home so we kept going.

We heard more thunder and immediately stopped at a close by strip mall and then this happened...

The annoying part about the storm was that is was DIRECTLY over us. DC got hit for like twenty minutes, but the clouds over Poolsville were never ending. What do you do when you are cold, wet, and 45 miles away from home in a random strip mall?

You eat pizza and mozzarella sticks to warm up. You also send a tweet begging someone to please come pick us up.

We saw on the radar that the storm was heading out, so we waited it out. FOR THREE HOURS.
On the way home we took a shortcut to shave off a few miles. After being stopped for several hours and freezing my buns off I just wanted to get home! No century ride for me this weekend but I'll take 75 miles, pizza and an adventure with Phil any day! Note to self: pizza and mozzarella sticks in the middle of a ride do not make for a fun ride home. I almost lost my lunch at the top of every hill.

After such a day, Phil and I met up with friends for dinner and a few well deserved drinks. Even the dog didn't come out of the hectic day unscathed. Notice the grease stain on her fur.

We also spent some time at Great Falls this weekend just enjoying being outdoors while not swimming, biking, or running (crazy, right?). We were politely reminded not to swim in the river at Great Falls because it can be dangerous.

The long weekend came to an end by spending the evening with Bobbie and Ray celebrating their recent marriage. We were unable to attend their destination wedding so it was nice that they had a small celebration here so we could congratulate them!

Ray and Phil hard at work

so. much. food.
It was great spending time with friends and meeting new ones!

It was certainly an action packed three day weekend. I could have done without the three hour detour in a strip mall- but hey- Phil and I had fun!

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. MMmmmmmm, pizza mid ride. That sounds sooo good ride now actually, @ 9AM.

  2. I'm so sorry you guys got stuck in the rain!! On a side note, I would love to know which roads you take to get up there?? I hate riding on the trails and need some new ideas.

  3. I got caught in an enormous thunderstorm while riding Beach last summer and had to stand under an awning at some elementary school for an hour. Not a pizza break, but it's still one of my most memorable rides.

    Sounds like a great weekend, except that I didn't see you at all. Fail.

  4. RIVER CAN KILL YOU. bwahahahaha. so sorry you had a wet ride :(

  5. That storm was pretty bad! I was out in Ashburn and it went on forever. I'm glad you could at least have a good time while you were stuck. :)