Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Ramblings of an Ironman Trainee

Instead of the weekend update post I decided to be a bit more random and share some thoughts, observations, and feelings about Ironman training so far. I spent numerous hours on my bike yesterday so I had tons of time to come up with quite the list. In no specific order...

  1. I ran 16 miles on Friday evening with Kate and then we practiced our Ironman recovery meal by going and getting fajitas. It took my stomach a little while to calm down before I could feast even though I was starving.
  2. I rode 104 miles yesterday and the sorest part of me this morning? My sit bones from being in the saddle for so long. My legs? They feel fine, just a little tired.
  3. During the 104 miles I experienced many many different emotions- I went from happy to sad to angry. I felt great, awful, not so good, to great again. It was as much a mental training day as it was physical.
  4. I can't sleep when I am dehydrated.
  5. I cant sleep when I am too hydrated because I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  6. I have yet to find the ideal amount of being hydrated that allows me a good night sleep.
  7. Why do I chose to participate in sports that chafe you in all the wrong areas?
  8. I have really ugly feet since training so much. Its embarrassing.
  9. You won't lose weight training for an Ironman (not that I am trying to) due to how much you eat. I had a hard time adjusting to eating all the time but I know my body needs it. Plus I am so hungry all the time that not eating would make me cranky.
  10. I have a love/hate relationship with heart rate training. Sometimes I think my HR rate is super high when it isn't, and other times I feel like I am putting forth no effort yet my HR is through the roof.
  11. I hate when non-Ironman-training people ask me what I am doing over the weekend and I have to respond "riding my bike and running". Sometimes I wish I could go out dancing or be a lazy butt on my couch. I think I'll spend the whole month of December being a normal person again with a social life that does not revolve around working out.
  12. I don't mind missing some social events but I had a hard time missing my best friends birthday and law school graduation due to long training weekends.
  13. When I do laundry, I make sure I do work out clothes first and then work clothes. I can wear my work clothes more than once, but my workout clothes need to be washed asap.
  14. I don't spend any time doing my hair unless I have somewhere fancy to go (which I don't- see point 11). Good thing its long enough for me to put it in a bun and call it a day.
  15. Doing long runs and rides with good friends leads to very funny/interesting/amazing conversations. If you want to become close to someone spend several hours sweating along side of them.
  16. I have been most surprised by the fact that my legs have felt fine for the most part but I have been so sore in some strange places- like my fingers from changing gears on my tri bike or my elbows from being in the pads of the aero bars for so long.
  17. All of my disposable income for the past year has gone into this sport. I think my paycheck after Ironman is going to be used to buy me some fancy boots or heels instead of running shoes or sports bras.
  18. I have come a long way with my Ironman nutrition strategy but I still need to find something more substantial that fills me up for breakfast that sits well in my stomach as well as something solid I can eat on the bike. Yesterday I used powergel, pretzels, a granola bar, water and salt pills. While I had energy the entire time, I felt hungry- like I wanted a burger or something mid ride. Maybe pack a sandwich in my special needs bag for Ironman?
  19. I prefer PowerGel (the Powerbar brand) over Gu gel because it is slightly more liquid-like and it goes down with out having to semi-chew it like you have to with Gu. It also has more calories and sodium. Hooray for Powergel being supplied on the Ironman course!
  20. I enjoyed our Friday night long run much more this weekend than 2 weekends ago. I think both Kate and I were more mentally prepared for what to expect which made the miles go a ton faster. We also finished our 16 miles in front of an outdoor party with loud music. I may or may not have put my hands up in the air when my watched beeped 16 miles. I was practicing for my Ironman finish.
  21. I imagine crossing the finish line whenever I need to get myself through a long or hard work out.
That is all the random tidbits I have to share for now. Ill keep a running list and share more later.

I rode the Waterman's Half Iron course yesterday- so keep an eye out for a bike course preview post this week!

Happy Monday!


    1. waterman's, eh....

      I also get weird sore parts. my thumb is sore today from being in my drops so much yesterday. and we should ride together again! sometime.

    2. I loved reading this! Am trying to figure out how to do my first full Ironman sometime soon myself!

      Best of luck!!

    3. I do #21 a lot on long runs...sometimes it makes me emotional.

    4. Love this post!!! As a rookie 70.3 finisher, this is looking very enticing (and frightening to me). You should be proud of ALL the awesome work you're putting in - nice job!

    5. Awesome job on the 100+ miler! You are so ready for Cozumel! I'm with you on laundering the workout clothes - they seem to make up 80% of the load each week. I used to eat Uncrustables on the bike during my ironman, they were usually pretty filling. Looking forward to hearing about the Watermans course - I'm planning on signing up for that race.

    6. Ahh, I can relate to so many of those comments. I just finished training and completed IM WI this past weekend! If you have any questions that you would like me to answer about preparation for my race feel free to shoot me an email at or post up on my blog at as I will be doing a full race report and QandA post later this week!
      As far as solid food on the bike, have you ever tied picky bars? They have a 4:1 carb:protein ratio. I felt like they were fast to digest but still did a good job of keeping me full as part of my bike nutrition strategy! Good Luck with your training!!!

    7. Try boiled/salted potatos on the ride. The little purple or red ones. They have carbs, salt, are solid, small and bitesize. I learned this from ultrarunners and cycling centuries.


    8. So now I've started going back and reading all your old posts about Ironman training. I'm scared and excited at the same time! I'm glad I found your blog to get me ready for some of the things to come!