Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Very Special Anniveraries!

Aside from the swimming, biking, running, and eating this weekend- I will also be celebrating two very special anniversaries. August 1st (I know that is Monday but I am celebrating early!) is my one year blog-iversary as well as me and Phil's 3 year date-iversary. Two aspects of my life that I love very, very much :)

1 Year Blog-aversary: A year in review

When I started this blog one year ago, my first post told the world (or the only two people that read it back then- my parents!) that I was signing up for a half Ironman. I had never done a triathlon before, I didn't know how to swim, and I just bought my first road bike.

Since that first post a year ago I...
I would say it has been a successful year with lots of accomplishments and struggles to blog about and reflect on. But what has surprised and touched me the most about this past year of blogging is the friendships I have formed with other bloggers. They have celebrated my accomplishments with me, and have given me motivation when I needed it. They have made me a stronger athlete both physically and mentally. Not to mention, they are really fun to hang out with!

When I started this blog, I wanted to show my family and friends how much work goes in to reaching your athletic goals. I never expected anyone other than people I already knew to read this blog. Slowly, people began to comment on my blog posts, giving me advice and offering motivation. Over time I began to meet other area bloggers and by the end of my first year blogging I am so happy to say that I have a slew of great friends that I can call to go on bike rides, runs, or grab margaritas! I also have people around the country that I have never met before that I would have no problem emailing if I were going to be in their neck of the woods to meet up. 

I had no idea when I started this baby blog a year ago that it would wind up being so much more than just my little corner of the Internet where I write about my training.

I love all these ladies :) (and we have tons of pictures when we hang out- bonus of hanging out with other bloggers!)

3 year Date-aversary:

There is no hiding how amazing Phil is. Not only is he a rockstar triathlete but he is the most wonderful boyfriend I could have ever wished for! If you have read this blog for any amount of time you have read about how supportive he is- from cheering me on at every race (after he finishes of course),  making sure I am comfortable on my bike, walking the dog when I want to grab margaritas with the ladies mentioned above, and so much more than anyone could ever imagine and much more than what I write on here. We are obviously perfect for each other- he is the only other person I know that can finish a gallon of milk in a day. I look forward to many more years of triathlons, adventures, and millions of gallons of milk with him by my side. Love you, babe! 

If you think the snow picture above is all cute and're wrong...Phil was just roping me in to do this...

and that about sums up our relationship. :)


  1. Great post Lauren! You have done a LOT in the past year! One of the first posts I read on your blog was the Rumpus in Bumpus where you got clocked in the face on the swim to crashing on the bike.

    Now look where you are! You knocked out your first HIM in HOT conditions and now its time to tackle the Ironman!

    Imagine where you will be another year.

  2. This is so great! I'm so glad to have met you and become a part of this awesome community!

    And, you and Phil are SUPER cute!!!

  3. Happy Anniversaries!!! Your blog has always been a favorite of mine, I love following it.. And I partly you for giving me the Ironman bug. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversaries! This is such a great post - I love both your blog, and Phil. Hope you have an awesome weekend celebrating!

  5. You're my baby girl and I love you for you, your accomplisments, your drive and for the love you show in return.


  6. congrats on both Lauren!!! Many more exciting anniversaries to come!

  7. Yippy for anniversaries! Who would have ever thought blogging would have been so fun and great way to make good friends?!?!

    Also Phil is great to you! More happy years to come :)

  8. I love that picture (the second one) of you and Phil. Happy anniversary of all good things! We've got lots more celebrating to do in the future.

  9. Happy anniversaries! I hope you have a great weekend celebrating both of them!

  10. Happy Anniversaries! Glad you started a blog because I enjoy reading it! Hope you and Phil had a great weekend!

  11. Aw... happy anniversary on both accounts! ;)

  12. HAPPY ANNI! also, all these snow/cold weather pictures are making me cranky. i want december!!