Friday, July 15, 2011


I wrote this post months ago yet never finished it to post it. Today seemed like a great day to post it because this past week I have been especially thankful for the amazing friends I have in my life. In the past 7 days I have had more than 1 "life discussion" with my best friends. Some over the phone. Some over lunch. Some while drinking wine on her couch while she was trying to pack for a half Ironman. I love you guys :)

The Post from a few months back:

I received a call last week from one of my best friends who lives in NYC. She was hysterically crying because her and her long term boyfriend broke up suddenly. I felt helpless over the phone so I booked the next bus to NYC to spend the day with her. Never once did it cross my mind that I had 2 workouts I was going to miss that day. It didn't matter. I took the 6 am bus to NYC without thinking twice. Not only did I make the impromptu trip to the Big Apple, but so did my other non-NYC-living friends. All so that we could spend the day together and make Jenna smile. She needed us. We were there.
Jenna and I
We walked around the city, sat and talked in Central Park, laughed about silly times from college, ate cupcakes, and drank sangria on a boat in the Hudson river.

It had been months since we were all in one place at one time but it was amazing how quickly we all came together to help a friend.
College graduation 2008
The relationships I have in my life (with family, friends, and Phil) are my top priority. Always. I love how understanding my friends and family have been through this whole training process. They know that they may not see me as often as they would like until this Ironman thing is over, but they also know that I would drop everything for them in a heartbeat if they needed me.

Drunk karaoke for Jenna's 21st
I may have missed a 4 mile tempo run and a swim session but the day spent in NYC with my best friends was way more fun :)

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  1. Friendships like this are hard to come by and SO important to hold on to! She is super lucky to have all of you and I'm sure she's blessed your lives as well! :)