Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap.

Keeping this post short and sweet!

This weekend was pretty relaxed and I loved it!

Saturday morning I met up with blogger friends Amy, Chloe, and Erin for an easy effort 40ish mile ride out to Great Falls and back. We were able to chit chat and we had a really fun ride. These ladies are awesome and I cannot wait to ride with them again soon!

After the ride I took Pink Lady into Bonzai for a tune up and to talk to Adam (the bike fitter) about the pain I have been having in my shoulders while I am on my aero bars. Adam and I decided that the aerobars that came with my bike did not have deep enough cups to hold my arms in the aero position so I was trying to hold them there myself and using my back muscles to do it. Talk about major pain! So Adam switched out my aero bars to a nicer model (score!) that are more adjustable and have a deeper cup to push back against my arms. He also trimmed the bars a little so I don't have to extend or reach for the shifters.

He also made fun of how short I am as he trimmed down the aero bars. He also tuned her up while I was there so I did not have to leave her at the shop for a few days. Thanks, Adam!

new bars!
Sunday I went and cheered my friend Michelle on for her first triathlon! She totally rocked it. I was hoping to go for one last long-ish run but I had a killer headache that would not go away all day so I went to bed early and got a run in this morning when I was feeling much better! :)

Eagleman in 6 days. Holy crap, I'm nervous!


  1. The group rides look so fun. Count me in next time you guys go :) also I think you will do great at eagleman!

  2. Excellent biking weekend! I can't wait to join you guys again!

  3. Loved riding with you Saturday! Enjoy taper week!!!!!

  4. It was an awesome day for ride! Get lots of rest this weekend and you'll be totally ready to kill Eagleman!

  5. I had a blast on our ride on Saturday, too! I'm so glad to hear you got your aero bars adjusted:). You are going to rock it this weekend, I know it! Just focus on having fun and let the rest fall into place. And I think I already showed you this video, but in case I am wrong, watch this. It always get's me really pumped up and excited to kick some triathlon booty:)

  6. Nerves are a good thing - they get you fired up to RACE! You've done so much preparation, you are more than ready! Looking forward to reading your race report!

  7. I wish I had girls around me to train with. I love my husband to death, but it's just not the same! :)

    My bars are cut really short too. They look funny, but it's such a great fit!

  8. I'm glad you got your bike all tuned up and fitted before you race! I'm sure it will make a difference.

  9. Girl, you got this. YOU GOT THIS!