Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carbs + PR + Crabs + Beer + Sunshine = WIN

Any weekend that involves good food, great friends, fun and relaxation is a total win in my book! And this weekend was exactly that and more. I'll take it from the top!

Friday night Phil and I packed the car in prep for our 4 am wake up call to drive to Rock Hall, Maryland to race an Olympic distance tri. We also made a pasta dinner perfectly suited for carbo-loading.

nom nom nom
We arrived at the race site around 630 am Saturday morning and got all of our gear set up in transition. I was super excited for this race because not only were my Team Z friends there but my friends Steph, Chloe, Amy, and Liz were racing as well!
Phil and I pre-race

Me, Amy, Choe and Steph pre-race
The race went really well and was the most fun triathlon I have done yet! I had a total blast. The swim was very oddly shaped and the bike was a false flat uphill with a nasty nasty headwind and was pretty hard! Phil and I both PRed and he even won his age group! (He is going to be writing a race report).
Amy's first tri and she rocked it!

Phil and I post-race

Kate and I post-race

Steph, Me, Chloe, Amy post-race (Where was Liz!?)
After Phil and Chloe accepted their awards we headed over to the crab shack across the street for some post-race crab eating. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone for a few hours after the race!

tons o' crabs

there's Liz!


crab-lovin, tri-rockin bloggers!

After the race and crab feast, Phil and I headed home for quick showers (we smelled like sweat, dirt and Old Bay seasoning) and then met up with Kate and Nick for the DC United game. It was my first pro soccer game! All four of us raced that morning so we celebrated with stadium food and beer.

box seats!

more, please!

Rock Hall Racers!
The soccer game was over around 8pm and none of us felt the need to go to bed yet and we were all still hungry (even after stadium snacks!) so we stopped by the grocery store to grab more food and more beer on our way back to Nick and Kate's apartment.
beer, cheese, crackers. hooray!
Nick and Kate live a block away from Phil and I so when I started to fall asleep on their couch while drinking my beer, I knew it was time to walk my tired butt home and go to bed.

I woke up this morning and debated going on a bike ride but then decided that sitting by the pool sounded much more enjoyable. Katie, Emily, and Emily also thought laying by the pool instead of riding or running sounding like a good idea so they joined me for some quality sunshine.

What you can't really see in the picture above is how we all have tan lines on our thighs from our cycling shorts. The joys of being a triathlete.

It was a fun afternoon of laying around and chatting with the girls!

I am off to spend the last few hours of my weekend on the couch watching Cupcake Wars or some other show that is equally awful and amazing at the same time.

 Hope you had a great weekend too! Phil's Rock Hall race report will be posted soon!


  1. Um, actually, I think I can see your tanlines. But they are awesome tanlines. Congrats on the PR!

  2. Congrats on the PR - that's great! Sounds like it was a fantastic weekend!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Congrats on your PR!

  4. It was awesome hanging out with you! Congrats on your PR. I'm not sure where I was in those pictures haha.
    I wore sunscreen on Saturday but my shorts tan line still got worse.

  5. Congrats on a great day! You really do have awesome race pictures - can't wait to see the official ones!

    And, thanks Phil for that post-race close-up. It captured my ill-fitting sports bra/top perfectly :)

  6. AWESOME - sounds like a *great* weekend. Congrats on a Olympic PR - can't wait to hear more about it (e.g., time, stats...) :-)

  7. That sounds like the best weekend possible. Congrats on your awesome race!

  8. Sooooo you had an awesome weekend.

    Congrats on the PR and the fun race -- I think that's so important!

  9. Sounds like an amazing weekend. COngrats on the PR. So amazing :) great attitude:) :)

  10. Congrats on the PR and I'm glad that you were able to have such a fun weekend!

  11. I'm so glad you had a great race on Saturday. And I'm sad I wasn't there with you guys!

  12. Yeay for the PR! Go ahead and do ANOTHER 70.3 and your next olympic will be even faster again! hahaha... or we could just go out for a bushel of crabs when I get back! That sounds like a lot more fun :) Congrats on a great weekend!!!

  13. What a great weekend, Lauren!! I can't wait until I am done with my thesis and my foot is more healed so I can join in more festivities:). Congrats on your PR and tell Phil I said congrats on his age group win!!:)

  14. I'm so behind in reading blogs! :( Congrats on the PR... looks like you guys had one heck of a great weekend!!!