Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Ironman?

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This weekend I took a little break from the "I'm training for an Ironman" mindset and had some other fun. A lot of other fun.

My weekend did NOT consist of: riding my bike for 6 hours. running for 3 hours. ice baths. advil. going to bed at 9pm. waking up at 5 am. consuming Gu. funny tan lines.

My weekend DID consist of:  running for an hour. studying. margaritas with 18 awesome ladies. tequila shots. a male entertainer. more tequila shots. dancing. laughing so hard my face hurt. staying out til 2 am. sleeping in til 10 am. fun brunch date with Phil. studying. studying while riding my bike on the trainer. grilling steaks. relaxing with a funny looking dog snuggled next to me.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. ;)

I also wished my dad a very happy father's day because he is the best dad in the whole world and has been so supportive of all of my goals and dreams whether it be traveling the world or signing up for an Ironman. Love you, dad!

(yes my Mom was crying when I finished Eagleman because I was crying)

What did you do this weekend? Was there a dancer involved? ;)


  1. Wow, great weekend recap! I love all the pics. The book on the bike and the party pics are hilarious!!:)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. :) Mine included 0 strippers. Go figure. LOL!

  3. hahaha, that is awesome! Excellent weekend :)

  4. sounds like an awesome weekend! those types of weekends are good for you! Good luck with your test todayyyy

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Like most weeks, there were 0 strippers involved in my weekend activities. Good luck on your test today!

  6. Woooooo what an awesome mental break from training! Sounds like a blast, and you look hottt -- I've almost forgotten what it's like NOT to wear workout clothes all. the. time.

    Glad you had fun :)

  7. New gear idea: Book holder to read study materials while on trainer! (Sweat-shield sold separately)

    Super weekend you must have had! You're awesome for taking some time out for you (and I'm sure Phil appreciated it, too). I spent mine trying to chase down Fenty a DC Tri. Sadly, no entertaining dancers this time.

  8. WOO HOO! This sounds like the perfect weekend! And you look adorable in every picture!

    That last one is priceless...