Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Friday Facts and the WINNER!

Friday +  one giveaway winner = great start to the weekend!

I know I said I would wait until noon to pick the winner but 1. I'm too excited to wait. 2. no more people have entered for the past 2 days so I think picking the winner a few hours early won't make a difference!

Before we get to the winner, here are my random Friday facts! (I won't be offended if you skip this, scroll down to check to see if you are the winner, and then scroll back up to read my facts)

  1. I lost my big toenail this week. My feet look awful. Once it heals a little I'll paint the skin pink so that no one can tell I don't have a nail on my big toe.
  2. I used to spend my summers at the Jersey Shore growing up- no, not Seaside like Snooky, further south where it wasn't *that* bad. There were still guidettes though.
  3. One of those summers we went crabbing and as my mom was trying to cook the crabs (you put them in the pot alive) she knocked the pot over and live crabs went all over the kitchen floor. I stood on top of the couch screaming as she tried to get all of the crabs back in the pot that were running around the kitchen floor.
  4. I did 1 and 3 meter spring board diving in college. People underestimate how badly diving hurts- I always had bruises all over my body from landing in the water incorrectly. One time during a meet I tried a new dive off the 3 meter board and landed flat on my back. Not only was it embarrassing but it knocked the wind out of me and left a sweet bruise that made it impossible to put on a bra for a week.
  5. The name of me and Phil's band on Rockband is "The Cheese$teak Farmer$" since I am from Philly (cheesesteaks!) and he grew up on a farm. I play bass and he plays drums. He always feels the need to play the drums shirtless and clap the drumsticks above his head three times before a song starts. I know- we are so cool.
And the winner is.....

(ps- 44 was my highschool volleyball number!)

Yay, Lisa! You left the 44th comment on the Allied Medal Display giveaway post! Please email me at for details on how to order your medal display!

If you didn't win and still want a medal display, you can order one through the Allied Medal Display website and enter coupon code LAURENSTRIBLOG for 10% off any medal holder!

I really enjoyed reading what everyone's favorite medal is- most of them double as a wine stopper or bottle opener. I like to know that not only do my readers win medals but they dominate bottles of wine and beer. I like your style ;)
(now scroll back up and read my random facts!)

Have a great weekend! and good luck to all those racing!


  1. I always thought diving looked incredibly difficult and painful. And I was a mid-distance swimmer doing some nasty events (hello 400 IM) sometimes. Way easier than getting up on that board and going for it (shudder).

  2. I want in on this Rockband fun. I can't play for shit, but I could watch and laugh!

    Diving boards scare me. Like a lot. I also refuse to jump off the roof of my dock no matter how high the tide is. I'm the worst river rat ever.

  3. Congrats to Lisa!!!

    You're facts are awesome! The crap story literally has me cracking up. I would have been on top of that couch faster that anything!

    And I've totally painted my "toe" when the nail fall off. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

  4. #3 cracks me up...I would have the same reaction!

  5. I was always jealous of the divers during swim practice because they were standing around between turns and I was dying in the pool. That being said, I think diving is really hard (I never got beyond a front flip) and scary. There's no way you'd get me to do anything other than jump off the 3 meter.

  6. bummer! I wanted to win. new weekend plans: hunt down winner to steal the prize. Jk. kinda.

    When I was in jr. high I attempted a crazy flippy thing off a super high dive at a pool just for fun, and landed belly flop style but all along the left hand side of my body. I had the worst bruise EVER! It was terrible. And now I'm afraid to do anything other than a standard front or back flip. End story.

  7. WHOOT WHOOT Jersey Shore!! I'm from AC!

  8. Love your fun facts - we lost a toenail on the same day :) Lisa is lucky! I need a medal display!