Monday, June 13, 2011

Eagleman 70.3- some pictures

I am trying to write my race report but I have not quite gathered my thoughts about the race yesterday. I have mixed emotions of both accomplishment and disappointment. I can't decide which emotion outweighs the other. While I try to decide and figure out my thoughts please enjoy some race photos :)

ready for racin'!

hi, mom!

yay! I am off my bike!

hooray! it's over!

I love that Phil and I do this together :)

my parents = worlds best cheerleaders
Race report (with more pictures) coming sometime soon, I promise!


  1. holy CRAP does it look like it was hot out! be proud, girl, you did it!!! you look fantastic!

  2. Aw your parents are so awesome. Congrats on completing this, I know you were worried but YOU DID IT!

  3. LOVE IT! You guys are awesome.

    ummmm and yeah...size difference much? You had told me, but the picture does it justice!


  4. Congrats!! I can't wait for the full recap!

  5. Congrats again! And your parents are great

  6. Awesome photos! How exciting... congrats!

  7. Great shots and lots of smiles! Looking forward to the full report!

  8. You are so stinking cute! I love it! Can't wait to read the whole report!

    And a SUPER BIG congrats!!!

  9. I love the photos! Congrats again on finishing! Looking forward to reading your report. :)

  10. Yay! Congrats again! So sad the sign didn't make it out of the hotel room. It really is everything your mom said it was, and MORE! Great to hang out with you and the fam this weekend--and can't wait to read your race report.