Monday, January 9, 2012

The Struggles of Moving to a New Place

When I arrived back to Denver on Dec 29th I had a boyfriend and a smushed face dog very excited to see me! I was equally excited to see them as well. Two months away from Phil and Brizzy was hard!

this was after her excitement wore off.
I have spent the past week trying to get settled. Put clothes away, clean up, find a job, work out, keep myself busy. To be quite honest- the past week was kind of lonely and I struggled at times. I may have cried once or twice...or more. My amazing friends and family who checked in on me last week knew I was having a hard time and they helped me get through the week with phone calls, voice mails, texts, a really funny email conversation with Kate, and of course Phil being supportive.

I am feeling much better this week (still obviously missing friends and family!) about being in a new city. I am also very, very excited for the other DC transplant, Liz to arrive this week. Her and her hubby are relocating to Denver so at least I will know one person! Liz and I have very similar goals this year: run a sub 4 marathon, explore a new city, try all of the local breweries, and make some Denver friends. Get here faster, Liz! :)

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be all settled, make some friends, find some fun places to explore, and learn how to use my new toy:

I can't live in Colorado and NOT partake in snow sports! And I am still scared of skiing after my accident, so snowboarding it is! I'll try to keep all bones and ligaments in tact. And yes, my board and bindings are black with a bit of pink- just like my bike. It just so happened that this board was a really, really good deal, and was one of the only ones in my size. It was meant to be.

Thanks to all of my friends that checked in on me from afar last week- I love you guys :)

And ps- my blog is about to get a whole new makeover! I am switching to a self hosted blog so see ya, Blogger! If you have been having trouble with the blog- that is why. Its been a painful process but I think I have it almost figured out and it should be up and running in the next few days!


  1. Aww... Lauren... I promise it will get better with time. Although we miss you here :( I had a really hard time when I moved to DC and cried all the time.

    P.S. half my office is in denver this week and they didn't send me. errrr

  2. Have fun snowboarding! Hope you get many days of the pow pow

  3. I love your new toy - so fun & pretty! It's never easy to leave your friends and a city that you love - but you are going to do AMAZING things in Denver. I can just feel it. I hope 2012 rocks!

  4. sorry to hear you felt lonely! you'll make friends quickly here - everyone is from somewhere else! let's meet for coffee sometime!

    also - i see that you did pure barre (from your last post). i'm not sure where you're living but there's a studio called Bar Method in cherry creek that was offering a $59 1 month new student special - i bought the special and plan to use it in March. so if you wanna try out Bar Method when your month at pure barre is up, i'll be there!

    lastly - i'd love to chat about benefits of self hosting or not - i've been considering it too but am not really sure what all it entails.

  5. Thanks for this post Lauren. It reminded me that its gonna be hard, but it will get better. Your positive attitude will help you through. Though probably won't hit me for another two weeks, it's nice to know others have made big life moves, and it will all be ok!
    Enjoy your new toys!

  6. It will get better, I promise! I felt the same way when I moved away for college last year but all it took was some time to figure everything out. Be grateful to at least be with Phil now!

  7. Things will get easier! Just think about how awesome an opportunity this is - moving to a different part of the country, getting the chance to pursue a field that will directly impact individuals and make a difference in their lives, and meet lots of new people/friends/triathletes! Embrace it, even the hard parts, that's what makes the end result even greater!

  8. I hope you will make new friends soon in Denver and will continue snow boarding. New place is indeed exciting.
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