Monday, September 13, 2010

The Nations Triathlon- Race report from a spectator

Yesterday was the Nations Tri- a triathlon in the heart of DC. Phil participated and I went to cheer him on. We woke up at 5am and then biked downtown at 545 am in the pouring rain. Torrential downpour. I was soaked to the core. It didnt really matter for Phil because he was going to get in the water anyway. But me...I stood there in wet clothes for several hours to be Phil's cheerleader. It must be love.

I was able to catch him running in from the swim, dismounting on the bike, and starting the run. I was waiting for him at the finish line but I never saw him! After about an hour and ten minutes I thought to myself "It does not take Phil this long to run 6 miles...maybe something happened, I should check my cell phone"

So I check my cell phone....4 missed calls from Phil and 2 texts. "Babe, where are you? I'm all done!"

WHAT? How the hell did I miss him at the finish? I was right there and he was wearing a bright yellow tri top and a goofy sweat band...and he is taller than 95% of the people! Anyways, I missed him.

Phil kicked some major ass- his total time for an Olympic tri (1500 meter swim, 26 mile bike, 6.2 mile run) was 2 hours and 19 minutes! That put him 25th in his age group and 185th overall out of almost 5,000 people!

He is going to write his own race report and I'll post it here for you all to read...and I'll include the few pictures I got of him yesterday.

Yesterday also made me very anxious and excited for my first tri in a month...I hate standing on the sidelines, I want to be in the action!!!

Congrats to Phil on such a wonderful race. Love you...even if it means standing in wet clothes for hours :)

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