Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random thoughts and happenings

1. I am officially registered for the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in March. My first marathon!

2. I went rock climbing with Genie last night at Sportrock and realized how much I miss it. From here on out, I think rock climbing will count as one of my strength work outs during the week. I also miss the social aspect of having girl talk between climbs :)

Climbing at New River Gorge, WV

3. Last week I cut my hair. 8 inches chopped off. It looks super cute! Ill post a picture once I have one

4. Today at swim practice I swam 400 meters with out stopping...I am pretty pumped. The first time I got in a pool to swim (like 2 months ago) I could not even swim 25 meters without almost dying. This also gives me a ton of confidence for my first tri next month because I know I can complete the swim with no issues.

5. Phil and I are going to Jamaica in November...I am pretty excited.  I will most likely bring my goggles and swim in the ocean once or twice. I will also eat a ton of food, enjoy drinks with tiny umbrellas, and sit on a beach chair for countless hours.

6. I just ordered my Team Z tri jersey. I feel like an official member now.

7. I am shopping for a tri bike. Right now I have a very basic road bike that is a touch too big for me, so I have to reach for the handlebars a little more than I would like. Now is a good time to start to look for a bike because stores are trying to get rid of all the 2010 models so you can get some great deals. A tri bike has a different geometry than a road bike so that you use less leg muscles biking so you have more energy for the run. These are two of the sexy bikes that are in my price range as well as have great reviews and come in my size! (its hard to find a bike that fits well because I am so tiny)

Bonus points for them being purple and pink! The pictures above are the 2011 models I most likely would not have a choice of color if I were to get a great deal on a 2010 model.

8. I need to cook! I love cooking and baking and lately I have not had the time to spend hours in the kitchen. I have a recipe for sweet potato raviolis that I need to make. And apple spiced cupcakes with brie cheese frosting. yum yum.

9. I am excited for the Philly rock and roll half marathon this weekend!

10. I am 90% sure that I am going to sign up for Ironman Cozumel. I think it is going to be one of those things where I register saying to myself "meh, it is a year away"...and then realize what I just got myself into and freak out slightly.

11. Phil's race report for Nations is coming soon, I promise! He wrote a small novel and just wants to edit it.

happy almost weekend!

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