Monday, August 9, 2010

New running shoes!!

This weekend I went to Pacer's looking for new running shoes. This weekend the store was offering tax free shopping as well as sale items. I had to go. What can I say? I am my mother's daughter.

My opening dialog with the Pacer's employee went like this:

Chris (Pacer's manager): Hi! What can I help you with?
Lauren: I need to be fit for new running shoes. These have a few hundred miles on them already
Chris: ok! Any injuries, or feet problems I should know about?
Lauren: Yes. I am flat-footed, have IT band problems in both legs and I tore my right ACL.
Chris: (looking confused) and you still run? are you training for anything in particular or do you just need these for the occasional jog around the neighborhood?

At first I thought Chris thought I was crazy...until he told me he has had surgery a few times on both knees...and he runs marathons. He is the crazy one.

Chris brought me out running shoes called Somnios. They are a little more expensive, but completely customizable. For example, my left foot needs a stiffer sole, my right needs more arch support, my left foot over-pronates while my right under-pronates, ect. He took over an hour analyzing my run stride and walk to make sure he got all of the components of the shoes correct. He said this will help with my knee aches and IT band problems

I only did two miles on the treadmill last night, but those shoes feel great!!!! My stride feels guided, but I am pretty sure that is the point of the shoe.

If you want more information on these sweet custom shoes go here!

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