Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Plan

On June 12, 2011 I am going to participate in a Half Ironman triathlon. That means I will be swimming 1.4 miles, biking 56 miles and then running 13.1 miles. One right after the other! I know what you are thinking- "Why would anyone put themselves through that?!". Well...I'm not sure either.

This will most certainly be a challenge. Let me put it in perspective-
1. I have never ever done a triathlon before (my first one is in October!)
2. Right now I cannot swim more than 250 meters without almost drowning
3. I can bike about 50 miles...but my legs burn like hell and I cannot even imagine dismounting my bike and running a half marathon
4. I have ran some races and am running my first half marathon in September but I have knee aches and pains due to my ACL surgery in March 2009 in which the doctor took out my meniscus, stapled my MCL and replaced my ACL. My sister Nikki thinks they gave me an Olympians ACL because the surgery has not slowed me down. I swear they gave me a 90 year old woman's (no offense grandma!) because I can tell if a thunderstorm is coming based on how my knee feels.It is pretty impressive.

So needless to say- this winter will be filled with training! Follow me on this blog through all of my ups, down, successes and failures as I prepare for the Eagleman Half Ironman on June 12, 2011.

To make it more worthwhile!

Besides just challenging myself physically, I also plan to raise money in my last few months of training for the Susan G Koman foundation. This foundation researches causes, treatments and cures for breast cancer. This cause is extremely close to both Phil (my wonderful boyfriend!) and myself because our immediate family has been affected by breastcancer. Phil's mom is a breast cancer survivor (Hi Nancy!) and both my aunt and my grandmother lost their lives to the disease. My employer also offers a 100% contribution match- so whatever I raise, they will double! :)


  1. i'm on board! when are you setting up your donation stuff?

  2. Get some, Lauren! Very cool that you're doing this...

  3. I will set up the donation stuff in a few months, once I have my training plan established. Its pretty awesome that whatever I raise, my company will double!