Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Fun Weekend!

woo! What a weekend! Here is a recap.


Saturday morning I played triathlon. I set up my transition area in a grassy patch where I walk my dog. I ran barefoot through the grass to get my heart rate up and my feet wet. Then I would run to my make-shift transition area, put on my bike gear as quickly as I could, run with my bike to my man-made bike mount line, mount my bike and ride around the block a few times. Then I would practice dismounting my bike and transitioning to the run. I did this 5 or 6 times. I even taught myself how to do a flying bike mount so that I would not have to stop at the bike mount line. I think I have it all set for my first tri next weekend!

transition practice

After my morning triathlon play session, the real fun started. A few months ago Phil and I decided to have a "meet the parents" weekend, and arranged for both the Riley parents and Kealy parents to come for a visit. The activity we planned for the day was a segway tour. Segway- one of those crazy things you stand and roll around on.

We were both a little nervous that our mothers would have a hard time getting the hang of it and possibly face plant or fall and have our day end in the ER. Luckily for our us mothers were naturals! After a few nervous minutes my mom was zipping around on that thing as if she has been riding one for years. It seriously was a ton of fun and I really suggest that everyone play tourist sometime and take a segway tour.

The Kealy's and Riley's take a segway tour

Saturday night was a wonderful dinner at the Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria.


I slept in today for the first time in several weeks. It felt amazing. Then we had brunch with the Kealy/Riley crew and explored the National Cathedral. If you have never been- go. It is amazing.

It was a fantastic weekend with wonderful people. Our families got along extremely well and had a very fun time together. The segway tour made for many laughs during dinner. Phil and I are extremely lucky to have such wonderful parents. Hope that we can all get together again soon!

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