Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Excuses. Play like a champion.

Sadly, vacation is over. It was a very wonderful trip. We layed on the beach (or by the pool) sipping cocktails and soaking in the sun. We ate dessert at every meal and Phil often ordered 2 entrees because he could. We also drank more in the past week than we have in the past several months. It was glorious.

Despite the gluttony, I worked out every morning. The resort had a wonderful gym area. My favorite part was the extremely friendly Jamaican man that would make me a banana smoothie after my work out. I was spoiled.

But I cannot be spoiled anymore! It is time to get back on track and kick it up a few notches. Right now this is my "off season"- aka get better at swimming, work on my running form, and become one with my new bike(s)...oh, and train for a marathon.

Bring on the early morning swims and after-work runs!

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  1. Remember that one time I kicked your butt at that Dive Off competition? Maybe you should train up on diving.