Friday, March 25, 2011

Five things Friday!

It is going to be an awesome weekend! Here are 5 things I am excited for:
  1. Hot date with Phil tonight at Zengo. nom nom nom.
  2. Cheering on the National Marathon runners (go Kate!!!) on Saturday morning followed by a long bike ride.
  3. Being a cupcake taster and judge at the National Cake Competition on Saturday evening!!!
  4. The Multi Sport World Expo on Sunday morning where I am part of a 12 person relay team. I am competing in the 400 yd swim.
  5. Another bike ride (this time on Pink Lady) on Sunday afternoon
  6. Hearing all about Phil's second bike race that he is competing in on Sunday. This time it is a road race meaning that it is not just going around a one mile loop a few is a 30 mile race!
I knowwww I listed 6 things instead of 5. Its ok, I am excited about alot this weekend :)


  1. whoa, cupcake taster? do they need another???? have a great weekend!