Monday, March 21, 2011

Ankle update!

After being diagnosed with posterial tibial tendonitis in my right ankle, I knew I had to go to a physical therapist to get me back in the game as quicky as possible.

I decided to go Fast Track Physical Therapy since it is owned and operated by triathletes on Team Z and I knew they would be able to understand my desire/need to get back to running as soon as possible as well as how to properly treat my issue so that my tri season is as injury free as possible.

My initial consultation was a full hour long and my PT, Eli, did a full strength analysis of everything from my waist down even though I was in there for an ankle injury. Eli told me not only do I have weak toes (didnt know toes could be weak!) and ankles, but I also have weak hip flexors and a weak gluteus medius.   He gave me a strength plan that incorporates all of these weaknesses so that I will be nice and strong in a few weeks. Strengthening all of these mucsles, along with custom orthotics for my sneakers, and going to Team Z track practices so that coach can watch my posture,  will lower my chances of more running injuries.

weak gluteus medius!
I will be going back to Fast Track twice this week and a few more times in the upcoming weeks just to make sure I am good to go for the first tri of the season in mid April. By the time Eli is finished with me I'll have the strongest toes, ankles, hip flexors, and butt in the DC area :)

I was in VA beach this past weekend cheering on Whitney and other teammates as they ran the Shamrock Marathon. (Whit will be guest posting her race report here soon, and I have a few highlights of the trip that Ill post about next.) It was great to cheer everyone on but I certainly was (very) bummed that I was not out there on the course running my first marathon. When I talked to coach about not being an official marathoner (I did do 20 and 22 miles in training) before training for an Ironman he had this to say:

"BUT NO WORRIES AT ALL.  Seriously.  Seriously. Seriously.  The most important thing is getting to the start line healthy (and being in excellent biking and swimming shape).  Even if you only did 10-12 mile runs all summer long - you get there healthy and nail the swim and the bike and you will be fine.  JUST GET STRONG AND STAY INJURY FREE.  That is the single most important thing. "

So here's to building my swim and bike fitness while this damn ankle heals and gets stronger!

happy Monday :)


  1. sounds like you are on the right track towards healing!! glad to hear it. hoping you heal - fast!

  2. Cheers to the Gluteus Medius... the muscle that causes more mysterious injuries than any other! You have a good PT in your corner, that is one muscle that is often over looked!! Good luck with the ankle rehab!