Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sitting on the Bench

Remember that pesky ankle that I thought I sprained during my last long training run? Turns out it was more than sprained. It is injured enough to put me on the bench for the marathon. sigh.

After a few days of icing and rest, the pain didn't seem to go away so I went to the orthopedic to see if it was a stress fracture. I thought it may have been a stress fracture (which is a slight fracture in the bone due to overuse) because I could walk on it but my medial malleolus (inner ankle bone) hurt to the touch.

After a doctors visit and a negative xray the doctor told me I had Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. I know, it's a tongue twister! In a nut shell my Posterior Tibial Tendon is inflamed.

This was most likely caused by my extremely flat feet and pronation when I run. The course of action is to rest it for a few weeks until the inflammation subsides while going to physical therapy to strengthen my ankles (and my whole lower half) and have custom orthotics made so I don't have this issue going forward.

So the marathon I was supposed to run in 2 weeks is a no go. I deferred my registration to next year. If the marathon was the only race in my near future I would push through it, but I think it is a better idea to fix this problem now so it is not an issue as Ironman draws closer.

I plan to pool jog to keep my running fitness up while my tendon calms down. I also plan to really vamp up my cycling since it took a back seat to marathon training. After all, being a strong cyclist is the most important element of a long distance triathlon!

Now don't for a second think that I was not upset about all of this. Poor Phil had to deal with a crying girlfriend for a few days. It took me a few days to really grasp the fact that it was a bad idea for me to run through the pain and make things worse when I have a much more important race to train for. I am disappointed I wont be running the marathon in 2 weeks, but I am still going to go and cheer on Whitney and other Team Zers. And Ill have my chance to do a the end of the Ironman ;)

Have you ever been injured and had to sit on the bench for a race? How did you handle it? Words of wisdom and encouragement are welcomed!


  1. Aww Lauren!!! I'm so sorry!!! That really sucks, but at least you got through the toughest part of training and you know you can do it. Rest up girl!! Wishing you fast healing!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry. Definitely take care of that, you have so many exciting things ahead of you!

  3. See a podiatrist, do calf raises, and take celebrex. :) Good luck and get better!

  4. i can totally relate. I had my 20 and my 22 miler in before the Surf City marathon and felt good, ready to race. On my first taper run of 10 miles I strained my calf. No biggy rest, ice, take care of it....then DID IT AGAIN. Couldn't even walk around the expo without pain and having to rest. I tried to make lemonade. I took great pictures, I helped the runners in my group with other things. The good news is w triathlon you can swim and bike. So I suggest "cross train." Oh and make sure the PT runs you on the treadmill and analyzes your running gait. Cannot get post tib tendonosis without a biomechanical flaw. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!

  5. I've actually missed shamrock TWICE, and once because of almost this exact issue (peroneal tendonitis). BOOOO. but hopefully we'll see you in the pool!

  6. What a bummer :( But honestly your attitude is right; if your most valued race is the ironman this year, then taking care of injuries now is the right move. You'll have enough to "push through" come the IM race, don't add any more obsticles!
    ...Should I send a bouquet of cookies your way?

  7. I missed Shamrock last year due to a torn hip and hamstring. Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can't.

    Did the ortho tell you to pool jog?

  8. Thank you all for the kind words :) I know it is in my best interest to sit this one out...Ill just be a damn good cheerleader for the other people running!

    @Bertie...I love me some cookies! ortho didnt tell me anything..he was an ass. I actually had to google what posterior tibial tendonitis was! However, my PT whom I trust and is a triathlete himself told me I could pool jog, swim, bike, anything that isnt the impact of running.