Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Booo Sunday evenings! I hate the Sunday night blues...especially when you know that work is going to be super busy. Blah.

I did have a very fun weekend though! Here is a recap:

Friday night Phil and I had dinner at Zengo- a latin/asian fusion restaurant in DC. We enjoyed duck tacos, sushi, braised short ribs, dessert, and a few several cocktails.

During dinner Phil challenged me to a ski ball tournament at a bar a few doors down. I obviously accepted because ski ball is the ONE THING I can beat Phil at. We have had a few different ski ball challenges and I always walk away the champion....until Friday night. Phil whooped my butt and he won't let me live it down. I think he got me drunk on purpose so that I wouldn't be able to throw the ski ball straight. I challenge a rematch, Phil!  I want my ski ball champion title back.

Saturday consisted of cheering on the marathoners who were running the National Marathon and then a short ride around Hains Point. It was short because there were a crap ton of tourists who have no idea what to do when they see a in, they push their baby carriage towards it. So I opted to go home and hit the elliptical for a long "run". (I cannot wait to be able to run again...I hate the damn elliptical).

Saturday night Whitney and I went cupcake tasting! It sounds much more glamorous then it actually was. It was hot and so crowded that we were not able to talk to any of the bakers or carefully choose the cupcakes we wanted to try. We did get to meet Bobbie and Ray (aka DC Rainmaker)- two of my favorite area triathlete bloggers. It was nice to meet them in person since they live only a few miles away from me and I read both of their blogs! Bobbie was competing in the cupcake challenge as well as the cake challenge. Hop over to her blog to see her awesome work!

The cupcakes had to be cocktail themed. Our top favorites were a mojito cupcake, lemon drop shot cupcake and mudslide cupcake.

There was also an awesome cake in honor of the DC cherry blossoms!

After sleeping off the cupcakes, this morning I headed to the Multisport World Expo because I was part of the Team Z relay. The relay had 4 people running a 5k, then 4 people doing a 10k time trial on a fancy shmancy Computrainer (indoor bike trainer...that costs like thousands of dollars) and then 4 people swimming a 1600 yd relay (so 400 yds each). I was one of the swimmers!

Since I was first of the four, I had the option to dive into the pool off the starting blocks. Eventhough I dove for my school team in college, I had no experience doing a shallow dive off the swim blocks. One and three meter spring board diving is way different then a swim start dive! I tried...twice...and it didnt go too well. I kept losing my goggles!

attempt number!
Soooo I stuck with an in water start! I swam really well and actually broke my only other 400yd timed swim (from the Richmond Sprint Tri) by 1 minute and 38 seconds. SWEET! Its not that big of a deal but it shows me how far I have come with my swimming even since this past summer.

I think its time to hook Pink Lady up to the indoor trainer and watch a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress while Phil is out of the apartment :)

Happy Sunday evening everyone!


  1. I disagree. Your 400yd swim PR is a SUPER BIG DEAL! You've made incredible progress and you should be super proud. It was awesome to swim with you today!

  2. wow! that's a TON of time to take off a 400!!! nice!

  3. Awesome job! I wish I'd done one of the events at the expo -- they looked so fun.

  4. Those cupcakes look delish! Do you watch cupcake wars?

    Great job with the relay! :)

  5. lick the rims of your goggles, make sure your face is dry, and don't tuck your head too far into your chest. foolproof way to keep your goggles on

  6. And always make sure your eyebrows are outside of your goggles.

    Your rotation looks good in the water, but try to get your elbow a bit higher.

    PS. your blog is very entertaining.