Thursday, March 17, 2011

Over protective

This morning I rode my tri bike to work. I got several weird looks as I was stopped at stop lights in downtown DC on a black and hot pink bike with crazy handlebars. I am assuming the average Joe doesn't understand what a tri bike is...I didnt until last year!

Anyways- I locked Pink Lady down in the parking garage and went on with my day. This morning, during a 4 hour training session I kept thinking about her down there in the garage all by herself. She was the prettiest bike on the rack with the nicest compoments. I kept having images in my head of a passerby taking off my pink petals, stealing my pink bento box, or attempting to steal Pink Lady.

As soon as the training was over, I quickly went down to the dark garage and brought her to a much safer place... my office area :)

I can now work the rest of the day without the fear of Pink Lady being stolen!

1 comment:

  1. I would have done the same! and I will say that the pink bento box is pretty sweet!!

    It would be great to see you at the cake show! I'm also in the cupcake competition on Saturday night if you're swinging by definitely come say hi!