Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's May? Seriously?

This year needs to slow down! It feels like last week that I was blogging about my 25th birthday celebration but that was almost 4 months ago!

There is alot on the calendar for May...an olympic distance training triathlon this weekend, a swim relay next weekend, a trip to Iowa to see Phil's family and then LA go to a wedding, as well as the bulk of intense half Ironman training leading up to Eagleman 70.3 in June. Phew!

My goals for May are to enjoy the social events we have planned and kick ass in my training. The plan I made for myself for the next 6 weeks (!!!) leading up to Eagleman is intense these next 3 weeks and I really want to do everything I can to hit almost every workout. I had to get creative with the weekends due to other obligations- perfect example would be this weekend. I wanted to get more bike miles than the 25 offered during the tri on Sunday so Emily and I are waking up earrrrly on Saturday to get a long ride in before I head down to Lake Anna. I also wanted to get in more running miles than the 6.2 during the tri, so I will most likely do another 6 mile run sometime on Sunday to make it 12 running miles total. Creativity at its finest.

May is going to be a little nuts as will the first half of June...but after that I get to back off a little from training until the end of July when official Ironman Cozumel training begins!

This month is going to fly by. I hope I can keep up with it!


  1. Holy Cow!!! I am a bit tired just reading your schedule!!

  2. Sounds like you have lots of fun training planned! And even more fun social events :) Good luck at your Olympic this weekend! I know it will go better than your last.