Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Legs of Jello

I started the week with sore legs due to the hills I ran up and down at Peasantman. (and maybe the 85 miles of biking)

This week is a high volume/ high intensity week consisting of 3 runs, 3 swims, 3 rides and 2 strength sessions.

I had a hard time pushing through this morning's cycling speed workout because my legs would start to burn as soon as I started my 2 minute sprints. Usually my legs don't start to burn until atleast a minute in. :)

What is a girl to do!? Any advice on how to ease the sore legs and be able to finish the week without giving up intensity or distance?


  1. Compression, ice baths, longer warmup and cool downs on the trainer, foam roller, carb/protien intake after the workout.

  2. Definitely ice baths. Every day. Twice a day if needed. They are glorious. Otherwise, just rest. You raced this weekend so its acceptable to take a day off.

  3. honestly, it doesn't matter how much stretching and eating and foam rolling and ice bathing you do, your muscle fibers are shredded and need to heal. Time is your best friend :)

    Also, the more fit you become your body will naturally heal faster depending on the intensity and volume you do.

  4. good sleep and compression :)like the pink.

  5. Do some of your running in the pool. It keeps the fitness without the impact!