Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Runners. Yea, we're different.

In 1999 and 2000 Adidas ran a few ad campaigns geared towards runners. I remember being 13 or so and seeing the ads in magazines and not really understanding them or thinking the runners in the ads were gross and/or crazy.

Last week I came across a blog that talked about these ads, so I googled them only to find that not only do I completely understand them...I AM the crazy/gross person. See below :)

Ok, so I have never stripped down bare ass in public to change, but Whitney and I did run 20 miles in the rain. And during Ironman, I plan to change into and out of bike shorts...so anyone in/around the changing tent will get an eyeful.

This ad is hilarious and oh-so-true. During the American Odyssey Relay last year (the 200+ mile relay from Gettysburg to DC) I think every girl on the team, at least once, had to find a tree or bush to ya know, take care of business. When you gotta go, you gotta go. And being a female makes the logistics a little more difficult.

Now this move is for advanced runners. I cant do it yet...but Whitney, oh man, she is the snot rocket queen. I am still a complete novice and have to blow my nose on my shirt and run the rest of the time with a snot-filled shirt. Whitney tried to teach me how to snot rocket like a real pro, but I failed and ended up with snot on my face. I have manners, I swear. Just not when I am running and need to blow my nose :)

Now this one is totally me. I stretch my legs wherever I go. First off, I always wear sneakers...even when I am in my work clothes. I am THAT girl. Its ok. My legs hurt and my feet need support. I wear heels when I have to go to meetings and things, but 98% of the time, I am in my running shoes. I absolutely do what this guy is doing and lift my leg onto objects to stretch...or I bend over to stretch. I don't think anything of it, but I bet the people around me are wondering why the hell I am bending over trying to touch my toes while standing in a line of people.

This one is the future me (like 6 years from now). I hope my babies enjoy long rides in their stroller, because they are coming with mommy for her long Saturday morning runs.

Runners are gross :)


  1. bwahahaha! i love these ads. and i think i've done almost all of this (well, not the last one).

  2. Oh my gosh... those are hysterical! :)

  3. SO FUNNY! I can relate to all of these big time except for the baby one -- no babies in my life lol! As for the changing naked in public, I'll change in the back of my car, which isn't that "private" when parked on a busy street haha.

  4. One more thing... can you send me an email to tawneeprazak@yahoo.com? I want to ask you a questions regarding compression!


  5. I love these ads! Aside from the kid and preggo belly, I totally relate :)

  6. Ok the one of the guy crouching by the tree? Yeah, see those folks approaching on bikes? I was the one approaching. My runner friend and I refer to that crouching guy as "That Guy".....we don't ever want to become "That Guy" in a race.

    Yes, we runners are weird :)