Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap and a little humor

Weekend Recap:

This weekend was jammed packed!

Saturday morning Phil and I left for Wilmington, DE at 6am because Phil had his very first cycling race at 9am! It was really exciting to watch- more exciting than I triathlon I think (gasp!!). The guys had to do 10 laps on about a 1 mile course. The last lap was the most exciting because the officials ring a cow bell and all the guys scream "last lap!! last lap!!". Phil will be writing his own race report that I will post here in a few days. Hopefully it will be longer than his Marine Corps Marathon Race Report and shorter than his Nations Tri Race Report. He did well though...but I'll him tell you that :)

The rest of Saturday was spent in Philly visiting the fam. I was really tired from waking up so early for the bike race that I fell asleep in my sister's living room for a while. After a yummy family dinner, Phil and I hit the road back to DC so we could get a long bike ride in on Sunday morning.

With the long day on Saturday and the time change due to daylight savings, I was one sleepy lady on Sunday morning. It took Phil a few attempts to wake me up. Once I was finally up and moving we hit the road for the longest bike ride of my life to date. He is on a cycling team that does long group rides every week, so he took me on one of those routes. I think it was my favorite ride so far! It had hills, flats, descents, rolling hills, and awesome scenery of the mansions in Great Falls MD. It had a few more stop lights (read: having to unclip and re clip into my pedals) then I would have liked but it was still a really great ride with amazing weather. We went 52 miles. 52! What was a huge confidence booster was that I felt like I could have kept going for a while long as there were no more hill climbs. :) What I can't imagine is doubling that distance and then running a marathon immediately following it.

Some Humor:

When I log into my blog to write a new post, I have an option to see different "stats" about my blog. This allows me to see how many views my blog has had, and how people come to find my blog. Most people click on my blog link via Facebook, but some people Google things and find my blog. Below is a list of really funny things people have Googled and it lead them here...and some of them I have no idea why.

1. "how do i train for a spartan race"
2. "how to run with flat feet"
3. "trashbag shoes"
4. "140.6 tattoo"
5. "i think she likes me t shirt"
6. "swim bike run lauren luge"
7. "triathlon boobs" (I dont think I have ever once said the word boobs on here...but now I have said it twice)
8. "team Z blogs"
9. "fat pug pictures" (come on, Brizzy is not that fat!)
10. "lauren riley phil kealy triathletes" (slightly stalker-ish)


  1. oooh, that last one is stalkerish! awesome ride this weekend!!

  2. haha, that is super stalkery. Care to elaborate on your trashbag shoes and triathlon boobs? :)

  3. that stalker is me...kidding, but i wish i would have thought of it.