Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Makin' a list, checkin' it twice

Thanks for all of the comments reassuring me that Ironman taper feels like crap. I feel much better knowing that this is normal and I won't feel like this come race day! Which is in 19 days and the planning is well under way.

The title of this post is a total lie. I am making way more than one list, and I am checking it way more than twice. And by more than one list I mean over 6 lists so far regarding packing, prepping and planning for Ironman. Additional lists because it is an Ironman out of the country with a vacation tacked onto the end.

I had a list of items I needed to buy before leaving (check!).

I have a list of what I need to pack for the race layed out to when I will need it. Pre race, swim, T1, Bike special needs bag, T2, run special needs bag, post race.

just a few things of the many on the list
I have a list of things to pack for the vacation part of the trip because lets not forget that after the race I get to spend 5 more days in sunny Cozumel rehydrating with margaritas and nachos.

I have a list of all of the food I want to either bring or buy there.

I have a list of what needs to be done every day from the morning I arrive on Thursday to the morning of the race on Sunday.

I have a list of tasks that need to be done before I leave for the trip.

Lists, upon lists, upon lists. They are neatly organized into a google spreadsheet and color coated by category. Me? Type A? No way.

Are you a list maker for big events? Any suggestions on how to further organize myself?


  1. I think that making a list ahead of time is the best strategy! That way when things pop into your head you can add them.

  2. I made SO many lists. Essentials for your bike special needs (if you use it): Vasoline or whatever body glide product you use (i had my hand stuffed down my pants in front of EVERYONE! haha!), spray sun tan lotion.

    For T2 bag, especially for Cozumel: In a baggy put tums and pepto pills and take em early on in the run for prevention. BUG SPRAY! I remember reading a ton of race reports about all of the bugs on the run down there. Add another small thing of bugspray for your run special needs bag, if you use it.

    Good luck!

  3. Dude, I am the *queen* of lists.

    Everything that Jon said, plus put a treat in your run special needs (peanut M&Ms, for example :)) You never know what you might want or crave, but it's nice to know you have something to look forward to if you want it.

    Also, having an extra pair of shorts in my T2 bag saved my life, even though I had no intention of wearing them. I don't know if you're doing full changes, but at least consider the option of extra bottoms for the run!

  4. I think you have enough lists to cover every aspect of your trip :). Pack extra goggles in case one pair breaks (or if you want tinted ones and non-tinted ones depending on the weather). I hope you have an amazing race day - you've worked so hard for this!

  5. I'm succcccccccch a list maker!!! I would make sure that the "must haves" are ready to go for IM. Vacation stuff you can always buy down there, worst case scenario. But it'll be harder to grab an extra pair of bike shoes or run shorts in Cozumel :)

  6. i'm a crazy list person too, but have nothing to add. you're ready. :)

  7. Lists and packing piles make it real!! Looks like you've got everything under control.

  8. I laughed when I saw your picture... it's almost and EXACT match to what I currently have laid out in my room. Although I'm a strawberry banana guy, and also have Maragrita Shot Bloks - let's not forget the chamois butter!