Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Settled in Denver

Actually, I am not in Denver anymore. I said my goodbyes to Phil and our puppy (yes, I cried) the other day and I won't see Phil until Cozumel. (and I won't see Brizzy until the end of December! ah!)

I am back in DC for the week and then in Philadelphia, and then Cozumel, and then back to Philadelphia for the holidays and finally reunited with Phil and the pup for New Years. Keep up with me if you can. I am currently a traveling nomad living out of a suitcase and sleeping on Kate's couch.

However, in the week I was in Denver I made a few connections that make me really, really excited to get back there in January. I made friends with two PT students at the school I will be attending, I decided on my bike/tri shop, and Phil met a neighbor who is an avid triathlete doing IM AZ in three weeks.

The two ladies who are current PT students are awesome and I really look forward to spending more time with them when I am back in Denver! They answered all of my questions about school- but more importantly they told me how much they loved Denver and how much fun they have outside of school. They ski and snowboard so I better learn how to snowboard this winter if I want to join them on trips to the mountain! I want to try to snowboard because I am still scared of skiing after my accident in 2009. No more torn ligaments for this girl, please! Between these two ladies and my snowboarding boyfriend, hopefully I will learn quickly! (Tony, I will stay far away from the trees!)

that's Phil!
Also while in Denver I wandered into an all-women's tri shop, Tri Bella, which was recommended to me by a few readers. Thanks for the suggestions because this place is awesome! I walked in and introduced myself to the owners and said I was new in town and looking for a bike shop and wanted to know what they were all about. They talked to me for over an hour about everything from my 650 wheels to my goals for next season.

source. check out their facebook page!

They are a not only a tri store (with really great merchandise for women!) but a community of women that empowers other women to get into the world of multisport. I love what they are all about and I really look forward to being a part of that community when I return to Denver in a couple of months. A supportive community of women who are also passionate about triathlon and they have a black and hot pink race kit- sign me up! The pink and black race kit would look awesome while riding Pink Lady, don't you think?

When Phil set out for his long ride on Saturday morning he ran into another guy, Max (who is a USAT coach!), leaving the building setting out for his long ride in prep for IM Arizona. Max's wife is also an endurance athlete. Hooray for meeting another triathlete couple! Denver is filled with cyclists, snowboarders, skiers, runners, hikers, rock climbers...all of which I plan on being once I get my booty back to Denver!

I am super excited to return to the Mile High City!


  1. Lauren, this is awesome! I love that you got to meet such amazing people and it just makes the whole move so much easier, I'm sure! :) Now, just get through the next 8 weeks or so and you'll be able to enjoy it all!

  2. How exciting!! I love reading your blog!!! So enthusiastic!!! =)

  3. It sounds like Denver is the perfect city for you and Phil, although we will miss you here.

  4. I loved reading this post - I'm so happy you're doing well and meeting new people :) Like Colleen said, only 8 more weeks and an Ironman and you'll be able to start enjoying Denver life!

  5. Sounds like you are having a great time!

  6. Apparently everyone in Denver is a triathlete! haha!

    Not sure if you follow Aimee @ I Try To Be Me. She is a Denver area triathlete currently training for Arizona.


  7. So glad you loved TriBellas and that you tried them out. Think I told you I visited when out on travel. They have something great going on there.