Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

phew! What a birthday! I am still recovering from an amazing weekend. My college friends and I rented a house in the Poconos for some play time in the snow and shenanigans. The weekend consisted of pizza, beer, laughing hysterically, and quality time with best friends. This picture sums up the weekend pretty well..

Phil and Matt surprised Jenna and I with an amazing cake! Look at this thing! I loved that they put the American University logo on it :) AU ski trip! woop woop!

So this weekend had absolutely nothing to do with triathlons...

...until I got home and opened my birthday presents from my parents, Phil, and the Kealy's (phil's family).

My parents got me an Xterra triathlon wetsuit...

they got me the sleeveless one
...an Aqua Cell water bottle for my new tri bike (that I pick up on Friday! w00t!).

...and a gift certificate to Bonzai Sports - which is where I ordered the tri bike from.

Phil's mom, dad, and sister also gave me a gift certificate to Bonzai! This bike keeps getting cheaper ;)

and Phil got me these sexy things! We have an ongoing joke about how I try to match all of my gear...so he found tri shoes (really good ones!) that match my new pink and black bike. AND they have a breast cancer ribbon on them! score!

Thank you  so much to my amazing friends, wonderful family (including the Kealy's!), and fantastic boyfriend for making my 25th birthday absolutely perfect. I am a lucky lady to have such wonderful people in my life!

I am getting my tri bike on Friday which includes getting a professional 2hour bike fit....I'll make sure to document and post all about it :)

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