Monday, January 31, 2011

Indoor Spin Session!

When I picked up my new tri bike on Friday, I also picked up a new indoor bike trainer. The indoor trainer allows you to set up your bike in your living room and ride. It is like a treadmill...but for your bike!

After an awful run on Saturday, I wanted to have a great indoor ride on Sunday. I was also itching to spend some time on the Pink Lady (this is my tri bike's name...named after the movie on that coming soon!).

So I set up my new trainer in the living room. I needed to prop my front wheel up to be even with the rest of my bike so I used some books off of Phil's desk.

He isn't using his grad school textbooks anymore so I figured why not! We are such dorks- if I didn't use his old textbooks I could have used my own which would have been "The Fundamentals of Taxation"...but "Optical Networks" is still pretty bad. Anyway...

I quickly had everything all set up to ride. My goal was to spin for an hour.

Please notice the ridiculously cute pooch on the couch sleeping. She snored the whole time I was spinning. She lives quite the life.

Indoor spinning is boring. Just like running on the treadmill. You are pedaling and pedaling and going no where. However, I found something that made it possible for me to spin for a full hour...

...Say Yes to the Dress was on TLC! I watched 2 episodes of it. Don't judge me. OK, fine, judge if you want but I love this show and it got me through a full hour of pedaling!

I hope it is available on Comcast on Demand so I can watch more episodes when I spin. Millionaire Matchmaker could also work :)


  1. oh hi! Just found your blog...and you have almost the same trainer I do. :) Gorgeous bike, I'm jealous!

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks, I love my new bike! I wanted something girly yet awesome and I think this bike nailed it. We are friends on Daily Mile- I see you do a ton of training! I need to get back into yoga...and you dominate at strength work outs!

  3. I like Pink Lady. :) I read in Runner's World that there is a company making "scenic" dvd's for people to pretend they are running along while on the treadmill. I saw Sandra Bullock using one in a movie recently (don't now the name-- she pretends to love her assistant to get her green card to stay in the US) that was biking, so maybe that's an option.

  4. Hi Lauren, I love your bike!! Just found your blog too. I am a runner and just about to get my first road bike. You have inspired me and I'm sure many other women out there to sign up for some tri's! Good Luck, girl!

  5. Hi Jennifer! You are going to love cycling! And tris are awesome...three bursts of energy! :)