Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Magic Song

I think everyone has that one song that when they hear it their blood starts flowing and everything just seems right.

Normally at any given time I have a few songs like this on my Ipod shuffle. But there has been one song that has not been deleted off my Ipod since I downloaded it over a year ago. It is a song that I never ever skip over. I hear it come on and I automatically run faster. My 9 minute mile pace becomes a 7 minute mile pace during the amazing 3 minutes of the song. It is the song that I will have to sing to myself during the Ironman next November. I have no idea why it pumps me up, but it does.

It is the song that Helen and I drunkenly rapped at the bar Saturday night and blew everyone away that we knew every single word.

I'm on a boat!


  1. hahahahaha omg i know EVERY word of this song, and it used to be my ringer lol. AND it is on my workout mix as well, thats hilarious

  2. Your pump up song is about being on a boat? Nothing about a tri says boat. The only nautical aspect of it involves swimming, the exact opposite of a boat.