Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just call me Speed Racer!

This morning, I got my butt out of bed at 6am and hit the pavement for a 6 mile tempo run just like my marathon training schedule called for. A tempo run means that you run at a relaxed pace for a mile or so as a warm up and then you pick up your pace for X miles (4 miles for me this morning) and then you take it down a few notches for your last mile to warm down.

Whitney and I have been doing all of our long runs together and we have been doing them at a faster pace then what my marathon plan has been calling for. We just jog at a comfortable pace we can maintain and it happens to be faster then a 10:25 minute mile. Anyway- back to this morning.

Knowing I have been running at a faster pace, I decided this morning I would just go off of feeling instead of following the pace times outlined in my training schedule- running the 1st mile as an easy jog, run the 2nd through 4th miles at a faster but steady pace pushing myself a little, and then easy jog the last mile.

I underestimate myself sometimes. Look at these split times!

holy cow! I ran an 8 minute mile! And all but 1 mile were under 9 minutes! That is not that fast for a lot of people- but for me- the girl who said she would never be able to run under a 10 minute mile- this is huge! Maybe Ill be able to run the marathon faster than I think ;)

I was so excited when I walked back into my apartment this morning. Phil and Brizzy were still too sleepy to handle my excitement.

(this was not taken this morning- just a funny picture to share)
BEST MORNING RUN EVER. And added bonus that Phil cooked me breakfast!
7:30 minute mile next time? We'll see :)

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