Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Recap

2010 was a pretty awesome year. Here is a picture recap:

Phil and I kicked off 2010 in the middle east. We went on a two week trip to Dubai and Egypt. It was our first international trip together and it was an amazing start to the year!

My 24th birthday celebration was also one to remember. My friend Binoy (who has a birthday a day before mine) and I celebrated together by inviting a few friends to the Harry S Truman bowling alley- aka the White House bowling alley. Binoy knows some government people so we were able to bowl for a few hours before hitting the bars.

We were snowed in for the rest of the winter. We did manage to make it out to a small Mexican restaurant for huge drinks on occasion though :) 

Tons happened in the spring of 2010! In April my best friends from college all came to DC for a little reunion. This was the first time we were all together in one place since college. It was amazing.

Also in April was the American Odyssey Relay race- a 200 mile, 36 hour running race from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC. I was on a team of all amazing ladies and it was the funnest race ever. We all won $50 gift cards to North Face because our team won the "most spirited award". Our team, America the Bootyful, ran the last quarter mile of the race together, dressed as iconic Americans.

At the start in Gettysburg.

Right after the announcement that we won the spirit award!
I also ran my first 10 mile race in April 2010!

In May of 2010 Phil took me back to his home town in Iowa. Phil and I had very, very different childhoods. I was raised in the inner city of Philadelphia in a row home with little grass. Growing up my chores included cleaning the bathroom and putting my clothes away. Phil was raised on a farm in Council Bluffs, Iowa where his closest neighbor is a mile away. He learned how to drive a tractor at the age of 10 and his weekend chores consisted of bailing hay and feeding the cows. I had a wonderful time visiting the Midwest and I look forward to another trip out there this spring.

feeding the cows

I am a pretty bad shot :)

getting corn for the cows

Summer 2010 was filled with running, friends and family (and moving in with Phil!!!). We took Brizzy swimming, we went on a Riley family vacation to Williamsburg, Va, and I visited college friends in NYC where we did the Spartan Race- a 5k race with added obstacles and lots of dirt.

Fall of 2010 consisted of my first triathlon and a tropical vacation to Jamaica with our friends Arron and Angie.

2010 finishes with a great Christmas with my amazing family, and a relaxing new year celebration with my wonderful boyfriend and our friends.

2010 was a fabulous year. 2011 is going to be even better!

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