Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The best present $1 can buy!

When my parents visited this past weekend they brought a ton of goodies with them. My mom loves finding things that she thinks my sister and I will like. For the most part, she is always right. But there are occasions where she is just dead wrong. Take Christmas 2008 for example. She bought my sister Nikki what she *thought* was a sampling pack of different gourmet fruit jellies. They were packaged in a plastic candy cane and had a paint brush attached. "I don't know what you do with the brush" my mom said. Upon closer examination of the gift, she actually bought my sister gourmet edible body paint. Hilarious.

Anyways- this weekend by mom gave me a gift she found in the dollar store which wound up to be the most amazing gift EVER! I loved it so much I asked her to go buy me 20 more.

Compact disposable towels!!!

It looks like a pack of gum. But this small package holds 8 compact towels that really come in handy in the middle of an 80 mile bike ride or long run.

This is the pack cut in half so I could easily but it in my bike bag.

 This is the compact towel. It is about the size of a tums. All you do is add a few drops of water to it and it magically expands to become a cloth towel that wipes all the salt and sweat off of your face so your eyes stop burning. It's amazing!

Full size face towel! This is one of those gifts that I cocked my head to the side when my mom handed it to me, but moms know best and these suckers are amazing! Now when my eyes start to burn from sweat, I have a compact towel in my bike bag or fuel belt to solve that problem. Hooray for funky gifts that turn out to be fantastic!


  1. Thank you Momma Riley! Your gift made Sunday's ride so much better. :)

  2. So, where could I find something like that? It's not just like a wet wipe?

  3. Thanks Lauren... I will be looking into these!

  4. wow, those are neat :) Your mom is too good to you :)

  5. Brilliant! (bring them on the run especially!)

  6. Oh my gosh... those are amazing! :) I wonder if my dollar store has them... I'm going to make a trip to see!