Sunday, August 28, 2011


What a week we had here on the East Coast! I experienced my first ever earthquake on Tuesday afternoon and then a hurricane a few days later.

The quake didn't screw up my training but the hurricane sure did. It was a build week this week with a 14 mile run and a 90 mile ride on the schedule. I managed to get in the run on Friday evening with my good friend Kate but did not manage to get in the 90 miles on the bike due to the storm on Saturday and then the wind and debris on the road on Sunday.

Next weekend is supposed to be a recovery week- where the long run and rides are pretty short- but due to hurricane Irene, I will be biking 90 miles and scaling back my run. The hurricane managed to screw up my build week AND my recovery week.

You know what the hurricane didn't screw up? My weekend.

I slept in past 9am both on Saturday and Sunday. Phil and I went out to a fancy brunch since we couldn't ride our bikes. Then we went to the indoor rock climbing gym for the rest of the afternoon. Note to self: I miss climbing. So much. I had such a blast hanging around my old stomping grounds. I was quite the climber before I decided to train for an Ironman. 24 hours later and my forearms are still sore. I need to get back to the climbing gym soon.

We spent Saturday night monitoring the storm, eating frozen pizzas, laughing at funny Internet videos and enjoying a few beers. It. was. glorious.

Brizzy guarded the pizzas while they baked

Ready to embrace the storm for a walk!

We spent Sunday shampooing the carpet (4 bikes in a 1 bedroom apartment with cream color carpets means grease spots!), cleaning, shopping and then having our friends Nick and Kate over for dinner which included a few bottles of wine.

While I was stressed about messing up my training, I quickly realized that all will be ok in the Ironman department. It was nice to let loose a little, sleep in, and not spend the majority of my weekend with my butt on my bike.

How did you brave the storm?


  1. Your weekend sounds about the same as mine. It was so nice to relax and not worry about training since we couldn't.

  2. Sounds fantabulous!
    Where's this rock climbing gym? My new roomie is a climber!

  3. What, you didn't want to ride 90 miles on your trainer? Weird :)

  4. 1. Brizzy's raincoat is hilarious.
    2. I want to go climbing with you. After IM I'll have all the time in the world!
    3. Sounds like a super fun weekend. And all WILL be ok in the IM department :)

  5. her tongue is ALWAYS.OUT.OMG. hilarious.

  6. We had similar outfits for our walks with the boys but replace the sweatpants with shorts. I wish we had pictures!

  7. I love the walking outfits! :)

  8. I'm still laughing at the walking outfits. My God thats awesome.

  9. You had me at the title. the brizzy pizza picture was icing on the cake.