Saturday, February 12, 2011

T-shirt making party!

Last night, in preparation for the Love the Run You're with 5k- my friend Alison hosted what we dubbed a "Puff Paint Party". We had wine, cheese, amazing food and decorated shirts for the valentines day themed event.

nom nom nom
We decided that we would draw names out of a hat and then make our shirts say "I love (insert name here)"

I picked Katy! I didnt snap a picture of my finished shirt, so you'll have to wait until tomorrows post to see the amazingness.

It was really nice to have a girls night! I think we all had a ton (maybe too much?) fun decorating our shirts. We were all sprawled on the floor of Alison's apartment passing around the puffy paint and stencils.

We decided that for every race we run, we will have to have a PPP (Puff Paint Party). and no boys allowed! :)

Maria had my name...but she wasn't feeling well last night so she didn't make it. So I designed her shirt myself.

Heh. Hope she likes it!

Despite the glass(es) of wine and being up past my bed time, Alison, Whitney and I woke up and ran 16 miles this morning. Oh man could I feel the wine! I was extra thirsty and drank all 4 of my Fuel Belt bottles full of water before mile 14. It was Alison's longest run of her life to date and she rocked it. We kept a 9:30ish pace strong until the end. I wasn't feeling very sore, but I opted for my second ever ice bath anyway.

I thought it would be easier the second time. It wasn't.

Off to celebrate Bill's 25th birthday via the Keg Bus!! Cant wait to share pictures tomorrow of all 12 ladies in their homemade shirts!!!

PS- I plan to take this 5k pretty easy...a nice slow jog. However, I still think I can set a PR (personal record) because my only 5k ever was last summer and I was sick as a dog and I walked half of it. :)


  1. I think I jogged by you guys while I was warming up! hope you had a great race!

  2. I LOVED the shirt and am sorry I missed PPP.