Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Trifecta

Today, I participated in my own little triathlon..only in backwards order! I ran the Love the Run You're With 5k...then met up with Phil for an awesome bike ride...and then had my third session of a swim clinic for triathletes I signed up for. I call it the trifecta :)

Lets take it from the top!

Last night we celebrated my friend Bill's birthday by bar hopping with a group of my college friends. Phil and I hung out for a while and had a few drinks but went home earlier then everyone else (which was still past my bedtime!) since we both had plans in the morning.

Me and the birthday boy!

super stars

After not nearly enough sleep I woke up on Sunday morning and walked over the start line of the 5k. Its awesome living 3 blocks from the start line! My legs were screaming- I think the fact that I missed all of my workouts last week combined with drinking wine on Friday night, running 16 miles on Saturday, having 2 or so beers on Saturday night and not going to bed until almost 2 am did not help me run a fast 5k. Actually, I ran the slowest 3.2 miles of my life. It was more so a recovery run than a race for me. I was there for the shirts, friends and brunch :) But look at me and the girls in our awesome shirts we made on Friday night!!

After the race recovery run we headed to a local pub for the brunch buffet.

Despite being sore from the waist down, after brunch I met Phil at Hains Point for a few laps on Pink Lady.
Hains Point is a flat 3ish mile loop in DC with little cars. Many many bikers do laps around Hains Point.

random map I took from google!

I am getting more comfortable riding the aero bars. I also love riding with Phil because he is such a strong rider and gives me wonderful tips and also reasonably pushes me to go a little faster, keep my heels flat, ect. We held a 16-18 mph pace for the first 2 laps while my legs loosened up. Even during those 2 laps we did  sprints where we held a faster pace for about 30 seconds. Once my legs loosened up we picked up the pace quite a bit and did another lap.

And then treated ourselves to oreo milkshakes :)

After an hour long nap and grocery shopping, Phil and I were off to our 3rd session of "Freestyle for triathletes" swimming clinic.

Phew! I am tired and my legs are sore. off to bed for me!!


  1. I think you should also make mention of how many blog followers you encountered at Bill's bday. I counted about 5 who had read your last post! Keep it up, Lauren!

  2. i know! it made me soo happy when Brennan was like "dont you have to run in the morning!?!?" haha. :)

  3. i think i saw you guys at the race! nice shirts!!