Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Friday Facts: This morning's bike ride

  1. This morning's ride was the best ride of my life to date.
  2. Katie and I rocked the hell out of it and we were feeling A-mazing! Even at the end, I could have kept going. (Which I did, Katie and I parted ways at 64 miles and I kept riding)
  3. Pink Lady and I are back to being best friends after I wrecked her in the mud 2 weeks ago.
  4. We started at 6 am.
  5. We took the Washington and Old Dominion trail all the way out past Hernon, VA (32 miles out from the start of the trail)
  6. I have sweet tan lines on my thighs and arms from my bike jersey and shorts.
  7. My hooha hates me right now.
  8. Pink Lady has some new gear- an xlab and enough nutrition to feed a family of 4.
  9. Except I ate ALL my nutrition on today's ride.
  10. I really love the EFS sport drink I tried today- tasted great and I had lots of energy
  11. Distance PR. BOOM! 73.25 miles, baby!
  12. I had 400 calories for breakfast, and 600 during the ride. I probably should have had more.
  13. I am going to go shower and eat everything in sight within a 3 block radius.
  14. Have a great weekend! Mine is off to a fabulous start!


  1. Nice ride, congrats ont he new distance PR, I am doing an 80 mile ride this weekend.

  2. I think I actually live within 3 blocks of you, please don't eat my house. THANKS for the awesome ride this morning! Good luck on Sunday!

  3. You guys are rockstars. Congrats on the distance PR!

    I imagine #6,7 and 13 are going to apply to me tomorrow after I ride the Kinetic course tomorrow morning. And I MAY have to go in search of a burrito.

  4. Congrats, thats an awesome ride!

  5. Nice ride and great job! What kind of bento box do you have? I need a new one soon and its looks way better than my current one.

  6. WOOT WOOT! Great job girl! What flavor EFS drink did you try? I'm addicted to the Grape! :)