Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thee Things Thursday!

  1. I am really really really hoping and praying that the weather for Saturday's race does not include thunder around the start time of the race...and right now, that is EXACTLY what the forecast is calling for.  I can deal with rain and being wet for 3 hours. It would be miserable but I could do it. But if there is thunder and/or lightening then the race becomes run a 5k, bike 25 miles, and then run a 10k. My ankle (and myself) would not be a very happy camper if that happened. But if it does, Ill roll with it and my time goals will be out the window!
  2. Phil and I have friends visiting from Omaha this weekend! I am excited to play tourist. Sometimes I forget that I live in such an awesome city...however, one can only visit the Smithsonian's so many times.
  3. I have missed a few workouts this week due to my work schedule. However, I did get my ass out of bed early as crap this morning to get in a good ride on Pink Lady before Saturday's race. However my legs felt super sluggish- I hope that goes away!


  1. yuk, i super duper hope it is not thundering either, that sucks.

  2. I hope the weather holds

    Good luck racing

  3. I hope the weather cooperates!! Good luck!

  4. Good luck this weekend and I hope the weather holds out for you!