Friday, April 8, 2011

Five things Friday: confidence boosters

  1. Work has been super duper busy this week with late nights and no lunch breaks but I still managed to get in every single one of my workouts. I may have not have slept a full 8 hours every night but I can sleep when I'm dead, right? Or when Q1 close is over...
  2. I am feeling super strong on the bike. My average mph has increased and I don't get tired nearly as quickly. I was barely sore after riding 80 miles last weekend! I am still learning something new every ride (like last weekend Phil told me there is a certain way to breathe while riding your bike...who knew!). I have worked a ton on pedal stroke, single leg drills, speed drills and endurance and it is really paying off.

  3. During my swim workout last night, after warming up a few hundred yards I did 1700 yards straight through as practice for my first tri of the season next weekend. I had never swam this long without a rest so I wanted to make sure I wouldn't drown :) Good news is that I did 1700 yards without stopping for a break. Better news is that I did it several minutes faster than I expected. Best news is that I felt like I could have kept swimming..which I did, but after a rest and a few sips of water!
  4. Even with everything going on this week, I managed to eat dinner with Phil two nights. Dinner may have been at 9pm but hey, quality time is quality time and I'll take it. This time management thing is a serious skill.
  5. My ankle is feeling great and my legs are nice and refreshed from my 6 week vacation of running. The other day I was able to run for 3 miles with no pain and at a pretty decent pace. I has concerns about running the 6.2 miles at next weekends tri but I think I'll be fine. It may not be as fast as I would hope, but that's ok!

    tons of fun going on this weekend! happy friday!


  1. um can i borrow your boyfriend for a bike ride to fix me? i will pay you in cupcakes.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in action and cheering you on at your Tri next weekend!

  3. That is an awesome week! You are going to be so ready for this tri!