Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Inaugural Burrito Ride and a Dress Rehearsal

Weekend Recap!

I was planning to run the Crystal City 5k on Friday evening, but once Kate suggested going for a beer instead I changed plans. Having a beer sounded much better than running a 5k in the rain! Fridays are my rest days anyway :)

On Saturday I met up with Emily and Katie for a long bike ride. We had discussed going about 40 miles but then when we were 20 or so miles in Katie says "How many are we doing today? 40? 50? 60?" Bring on the miles! We rode all the way out to what local cyclists and triathletes call the "T"...basically a T intersection all the way out River road with tons of rolling hills. I clocked 57 miles which is my longest ride yet! (last weekend I did do 80 miles but that was on two different rides!). The three of us rode really well together- Emily kicks ass on uphills- Katie flies down hills like she is being chased- and I lead the paceline on the flats for most of the way. Five miles from home we were so hungry that we stopped for burritos...and then the Burrito Ride was born! Nothing better than a long ride with awesome ladies and tex-mex. Caint wait for next time!

nothing says sexy like a bike helmet!

Sunday morning I went for my longest run since my ankle injury 7 weeks ago. I covered 5 miles in 42 minutes which is a great pace for me! I was very pleased since I didn't feel like I was pushing it at all and I had no ankle pain. I ran in my speed laces to test them out for next weekends tri!

After my run, I practiced my transitions for the race next weekend. I had done this before the Richmond Sprint but I needed a refresher! I set up shop in the middle of a service road close to my apartment. It was perfect- no cars and no people to wonder what I am doing!

dress rehearsal!
The rule of thumb is that you don't want to try anything new on race day- so I made sure to do the whole kit and caboodle today. I ran in the grass barefoot to my make shift transition area- put on my bike gear- ran with my bike to the "bike mount" line (which was just a line on the ground) - mounted my bike- rode around the service road a bit- dismounted my bike at the line- transitioned into all my running gear- and ran a bit. I am really glad I practiced because the first time I started running without taking my bike helmet off, the second time I forgot my hat and race belt, and both the first and second times I forgot to start my watch. FAIL. It took me a good 7 times to get it right. Let's hope I can execute it smoothly next weekend.

I also had to practice riding with this monster in between my aerobars!

It's a water bottle! My parents got it for me for my birthday. I don't ride with it normally but for a race it will be nice to have water right at my mouth when I want it instead of having to get off the aero bars to grab a bottle from my bike frame.

It's bed time! I have to be at work early since I have to leave early to get my butt kicked by the physical therapist. 6 days until the first tri of the season! I'm excited!


  1. Practicing transition is such a great idea! And that road is such aperfect location for it!
    Nice ride this weekend!

  2. um, look at your gorgeous bike! love it! and beer is always better than a rainy 5K. i had a blast riding, we shall do it again!

  3. I love the idea of a Burrito Ride! I need some of those. Or a soft pretzel and beer ride - because I'm now craving both of those! :)

    I think it's great that you rode with the girls, had a good run and practiced transitions! You're going to do awesome!