Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Friday Facts

I am stealing this idea from Katie's blog because I ran out of ideas wanted to share more about myself with the few that read this lil' blog of mine.

The way it works is that I share random facts about myself, you read them, you laugh/cry/think I'm weird/whatever and then you feel like you know me better. Got it? Ok, let's get started.

1. There was a time that I wanted to quit college and go to culinary school. Instead, I majored in accounting.

2. I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up...but I cant tell you just yet.

3. Both my sister and Phil's sister got engaged in the past 2 months. I am really excited about it!

4. I am the girl that has been dreaming about her wedding since she was 5. My mom has a business where she hand makes amazing wedding invitations and place settings and all that jazz...she already knows exactly what I would want for my wedding.

5. I am still getting used to my custom orthotics in my first it felt like I was walking with tennis balls at the arches of my it feels more like large golf balls.

6. I am taking Pink Lady into the shop to get tuned up and the mud scraped from out of her brakes. It took me over an hour the other night to wash all of the mud off of her. Poor girl.

7. I love french fries.

8. I need a hair cut.

9. I didn't drink until I got to college. I quickly learned to like cheap beer.

10. I now like more expensive beer...but I can still chug a bud light.

11. It makes me smile when I call my parents and the first thing they say is "You did yoga on the grass this morning! I read your blog!" Hi, mom! Hi, dad! Ps- they celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary last weekend!

12. Eagleman is in less than 8 weeks and I am straying from the Team Z training plan because Eagleman is not incorporated into that training. With the help of some online sites and a few friends, I created my plan for the next several weekends leading up to June 12. I really hope my plan prepares me for my first 70.3 race.

13. and I hope that I never get kicked in the face during an open water swim again or else I am wearing a hockey mask during the swims. USAT rules don't say anything about not being allowed to wear face protection!

happy weekend :) I have alot of fun stuff going on this weekend like another long bike ride with my favorite blog friends and a homemade Easter dinner with triathletes!


  1. My parents know about my sports blog but my dad is so not interested in reading and my mom feels like she's reading my diary-so neither read it!

    Good luck w/ the training for your first 1/2! Exciting stuff!

  2. YESSSSSSSSSS! my evil ways are spreading!

  3. Katie, I took your idea as well :)

    At least your parents know how to get to your blog, my dad can never remember how to get to mine.

    Have fun this weekend on your ride! And I'm sure you will be ready for the 70.3

  4. I love these, so fun to read

    - I almost went to culinary school, then start college with hotel and resturant management then quickly decided I didnt want to work 89 hours a week, so I went boring and got business
    - It took me almost 2 months to get use to my ortho's
    - Poor Pink Lady, still irked at that reckless rider
    - LOVE FRIES!!

    Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter

  5. I also wanted (well, still want) to go to culinary school!!!

    And love #10 :)

    Burrito ride #2 was a huge success. We should make it a regular thing.

  6. I love random posts!

    I didn't drink until college either - then it was downhill! :)

    Um... french fries...

  7. i've been too busy to read since last week, but I felt as if I needed to comment on your old stuff too ;) i feel as if you should know that when I was in middle school and completely alone in the house, I would pretend that I was a Food Network host and make food while talking my "audience" through it. It was very Emeril and I thought that I would be the best chef ever.