Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello, April!

I debated writing a funny April fool's post about something totally not deciding to be done with triathlon and join a convent to become a nun.

I quickly decided against all of that because my parents read this blog (hi mom and dad!!) and I didn't want my mom calling me in hysterics. So I will stick to the traditional "Goodbye March, Hello April!" blabber.

All in all....I am glad to see March leave. It was a rough month dealing with not running due to tendonitis in my ankle. Being a cheerleader for the Shamrock marathon was really really hard because I wanted to be out there running it. I shed a ton of tears due to this silly ankle. Luckily for me, I can run for twenty minutes this weekend! Moving forward.

April is going to be fabulous! With the exception of work totally sucking because it is the end of the quarter and I will somehow have to find time to train while working late and through lunch (5am workouts, huh?). I look forward to adding running back into my routine gradually, becoming BFF with my bike(s), and having a little fun thrown in.

April Goals:
  • Kick ass on the bike. Seriously rack up some miles. Total. bike. domination.
  • Ease my way back into running to keep my ankle happy
  • Continue to do my PT exercises for my weak muscles
  • Rumpass in Bumpass!
  • Bake at least twice
  • Learn how to make mushroom risotto from scratch (um, help please?)
  • Meet my DC area blogger friends in person
  • Did I mention kick ass on the bike? Because I'm going to.
Happy April!!!


  1. we shall become bike bffs this month, it's the only possible way.

  2. I think we can get working on your April goals. Mix the bloggers + biking + risotto somehow? :)

  3. I can help with the mushroom risotto :-)