Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Miles

As you can tell by the little Daily Mile tracker thingy to the right that I log all of my workouts. Daily Mile allows me to keep track of my miles and hours spent in the pool/ biking/ and running. It's quite convenient!

You get a "weekly training report" every Monday that details how your training was for the prior week.

I kicked booty this past week! Check out the stats:

Over 100 miles! 10 workouts! 9 hours! and more calories burned than 3 burritos!

Here is the breakdown of those miles:

Swim: 3.18 miles (5600 yards)
Bike: 91.3 miles (got almost all of my mileage here!)
Run: 7.1 miles

Along with the miles I also did 2 strength work outs.

It was a good week. Those miles are only going to increase as Ironman gets closer!


  1. dailymile is the bomb. it's one more place for me to be OCD. love it.

  2. Awesome. You should always track your workout progress by burritos burned :)

  3. Awesome week!!!

    BTW, BDD is "Big Daddy Diesel". He's a blogger from Columbus Ohio that NEVER posts pictures of himself anywhere. A lot of people don't know his real name, and very few people have actually met him so it's kind of become a running thing that he's a myth. I'm working on getting a picture when I meet him this weekend to dispel the myth. I've talked to him on the phone, so I know he exists! :)