Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can it be Friday now?

I know it's only Tuesday but since I can't control my excitement for this weekend I figured I would do the "Yay it's the weekend!" post that usually comes on Friday, today. I like to switch it up a little.

My weekend will consist of riding my bike (which had to get new brake cables because of all the mud from my big fall the other weekend) longer than I have ever ridden it before. Distance PR, bitches. That means 60+ miles.

Once I turn my legs to jello on the bike I am heading home to Philly to celebrate the engagement of my big sister, Nikki to her awesome fiance Anthony. My sister and I are really close and continue to grow closer as we get older. There was once a time where she did pull my hair and step on my face because I wouldn't listen to whatever she was telling me to do. Those times are over now, I think. :)

Nikki and I are winners!
I get along with Anthony really well and have gotten to know him well over the past 9 years they have been dating (I know, long time!). Nikki and Anthony like to make fun of me...see below.

In Disney World 2 summers ago they reenacted me tearing all the ligaments in my knee while skiing. Whatever, jerks I can laugh about it now (3 years later!).

Nikki and I have great guys in our lives and we are two very lucky ladies! My parents approve as well :)

Family vacation 2009
After stuffing my face with Italian food in honor of their engagement, I will be running the Broad Street 10 miler the following morning. One of my best friends was supposed to run this race and I was going to go cheer her on, but she hurt her foot and is now benched from the race. I know how that feels. Not wanting her bib to go unused (and the fact that I had 10 miles on my training schedule anyway) I offered to take the bib off her hands. While I would rather be watching Rach run her first 10 miler, I am still pretty excited to run.

The course is on a slight decline and goes in a straight line down Broad street for 10 miles. It is a point to point race. Did I hear someone say PR? Ok good, because I plan to. Ive only done 1 other 10 miler and it was in the first few months of my running career. If I don't totally kill my legs on my long ride I should be able to crush my current PR. woot!

After the race I get more family time while shoveling brunch into my face hole. Biking + family + Nikki's diamond ring + lots of food + running + friends + and more family = a kick ass weekend.

Hope you are excited for your weekend too and I hope the rest of the work week flies by!


  1. NICE. I am excited to do all those biking miles with you!

  2. You guys sound like me and my sister. I hope you have a great weekend visiting the fam and riding/running.

  3. So excited for your weekend and expect a full report when you return :)

    Also, this makes me miss my sisters.

  4. is Phil a giant? cause I know he's tall and everything, but seriously, that third pic is crazy