Friday, April 15, 2011

You know what's awesome...

...when you get a product for free and you actually like it and use it!

A few weeks ago when I was on a swim relay for the Multisport World Expo, each swimmer was given a pair of Blueseventy open water swim goggles.

I threw the pink goggles into my bag and didn't even remember I had them until earlier this week. These things are awesome! They fit my face really well and don't make my eyes feel like they are going to explode after 15 minutes of swimming. Plus, the pink lenses are different from the lenses of my other goggles in the sense that the pink lenses are made to enhance light in low light conditions...such as heavy rains and cloud cover which will be present during the race tomorrow. Bring on the clouds and rain, mother nature, because I'll have these nifty light enhancing goggles that I got for free! boo-ya!


  1. I like them! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I mean, they're pink. Duh.